baby shower yellow

Tea for
a Baby


 12 Guests - Starting from £60.00


If you're planning to celebrate and want to organise a baby shower or a baby reveal, you may be interested in this specifically designed package for your baby, to keep may you and your guests guessing.  With a mixture of pink, yellow, blue and green, you can come up with a package that fits your event.  I have specifically selected the china for this package, although I've chosen the range of china, you still get to choose your bespoke package from the china available.

The package currently is only available for up to 12 guests, but as I expand the range, guest numbers will increase.  I want to provide the perfect china for you to host your event. 

This package includes:

12 x Teacups, Saucers and Plates

3 x Tea Pots

3 x Milk Jugs

2 x Sugar Bowls

3 x Jam Bowls (vintage glass or crystal)

3 x Clotted Cream Bowls (vintage glass or crystal)

2 x Sandwich Plates

3 x Three Tier Cake Stands (pink based colours)

12 x Teaspoons

12 x Pastry Forks

12 x Tea Knives

 If you wish to you can add the following to your package:


12 Champagne saucers, so your guests can toast you and your baby with some fizz

3 vintage glass vases

12 white linen napkins and or dusky pink

With these extras the package price will increase to £75.00

Creating Your Bespoke Package - The Teacup, Saucer and Tea Plate Range

Click here to view the range of china teacups and saucers that you can choose from to create your package.  It will also give you the information on how many of each teacup pattern are available for hire.  Once you have selected all your teacups and saucers, I will then put your package together and send you over your Suggested China document.

If you have smaller numbers, here is the pricing:

4 guests:  £20.00 (starting price), with extras £25.00

8 guests:  £40.00 (starting price), with extras £50.00

For 8 Guests

8 x Teacups, Saucers and Plates

2 x Tea Pots

2 x Milk Jugs

1 x Sugar Bowls

2 x Jam Bowls (vintage glass or crystal)

2 x Clotted Cream Bowls (vintage glass or crystal)

1 x Sandwich Plates

2 x Three Tier Cake Stands (pink based colours)

8 x Teaspoons

8 x Pastry Forks

8 x Tea Knives

For 4 guests, just half the above.  You will still get a cake plate.

FREE OF CHARGE - up to 12 eight inch plates

You have the option to collect and return the china and accessories to my base or for a fee the china and accessories and be delivered and collected from your venue address.  Please let me know if you would like delivery and collection.

**You don't need to book the package to have a baby shower, this package is great for people who just want to book and then it's sorted.        The other option is to use the personal service, where we'll discuss your ideas and then a selection of china will be put together specifically       for you.**


China Selection

Here are the china choices you can select from.  You can mix and match between the three tea sets.  If you click on the picture you can enlarge the images and this will also give you details on the amount of china in that pattern.

Teacups, 3 Tier Stands, Teapots & Cake Plates

Below are the teapots and the three tier stands that come with this package.

Cream, Sugar and 8" Plates