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We Bake Cakes in Hale

celebration and wedding cakes


Hi my name is Tehmina, the cakes that I make are the most delicious and unique pieces of art.  Unlike other cakes I decorate in the form of palette knife art  and I work out of my home in Hale, under the business name, We Bake Cakes in Hale.

When potential clients enquire about a cake they sometimes want a particular design I have created before with different colours and other times it’s completely bespoke like the parrot cake or the three tier Isle of Man cottage cake (see both below) for my clients dad’s 60th birthday. It's totally up to you, in the past I have received pictures of birthday girls outfits to make a matching cake. Other times clients give me free rein over the design. 

Please take a browse through my photo gallery where you can find examples of my work.  If you would like to know more, have something else in mind that you may not have seen on this profile, then please contact me on the email address below.  Alternatively you can reach out to me via my Instagram.

Email -  


Tehmina’s cakes are the most delicious and unique pieces of art.”

“The photos and film cannot even show half of its beauty. It was so detailed, a real piece of art. We really didn’t want to cut it but glad we did. The taste was AMAZING.



Wedding Cakes

Celebration Cakes

Cake Composition

All cakes are assembled with fresh delicious ingredients and decorated with silky smooth light Swiss meringue buttercream. I do not use more traditional decorative components such as fondant, which are edible but not necessarily appetising.

All standard cake sizes are three layers of sponge and two layers of filling. 

All cake sizes can be customised according to customer needs adding tiers, layers etc and not limited to designs such as butterflies, birds etc. 

Cake Flavours & Fillings

*Victoria sponge with fresh strawberries, strawberry jam and fresh cream/buttercream in layers. 

*Lemon sponge with lemon curd and fresh cream/buttercream in layers.

*Dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache in layers. 

*lotus biscoff, vanilla sponge with lotus biscoff filling and cream cheese filling. 

Cake Pricing

Here are the standard cake size prices:

*8 inch two layers “rose cake design* (serving 8-10)£50

*6inch (serving 8-10)£65 

*8inch (serving 12-16) £75 

*10 inch (serving 18-28) £110

*12 inch (serving 30-40) £130 

Tall cake: 

6inch and 4 layers (serving 15-20) £85


Two tier cakes start at £160 and three tier at £250. 

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