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A Wedding Breakfast to Remember

I might be biased, but vintage china is my number one favourite part of a wedding, what's not to love. Entering a wedding breakfast with vintage china will get the guests gasping!! And the proof is in the pudding, while I was setting up, people were popping in to take a peek!! "The tables look beautiful." And quite frankly, I agreed!!

Vintage china adds a beauty and elegance, it will not only lift the tables, but also the venue room. It doesn't matter what the venue is, village hall, a club of some kind that hires out spaces, hotel, marquee, vintage china just works.

The Brief: The theme for this wedding was floral, gold and pink. A classic smart, pretty set of patterns, combined to make the tables look absolutely stunning.

One of the best ways to enhance your tables is to add 8" plates, not only are they practical, they can be used for savouries, but to me, more importantly, they add definition. Sometimes just a teacup, saucer and tea plate can get lost on a table. 8" plates can lift a table and give a more expensive look. I used a variety of 8" plates; here are the patterns chosen.

To keep going with the theme of floral I chose to go for some 3 tier cake stands which would blend in and not take the limelight away from the teacups,saucers and tea plates. I opted for Royal Albert 'Moss Rose' and a ditsy rose pattern from another general brand. You can see from the two images below how gorgeous they are.

Accompanying the 3 tier cake stands are either vintage glass or cut crystal dishes, originally designed for dessert, they're perfect for clotted cream and jam, take a look at this image (taken from a previous event. Each dish comes with a gorgeous spoon.

The client loved the Royal Albert curvy shaped teapots, they probably have a style name, but curvy says it all. Here's a sample of the design and three chosen for the wedding breakfast. These teapots will hold about 2.5 pints before they need to be topped up. On a table of ten you can get a way with having two teapots.

And finally to the cutlery. Each guest has a teaspoon, cake fork and a starter sized knife, all silver plate. The knives are predominantly Kings Pattern.

The serving spoons for the clotted cream and jam are below. This image shows the 'top table' spoons, generally they're silver-plated. I love the shape and look of these spoons, they're absolutely perfect for the job intended.

So how did it look all set up? I would say absolutely beautiful, but you can be the judge of that, let me know, what you think.

Selected China Brands

Royal Albert - teapots, 8" plates, 3 tier cake stands.

Paragon - teapot

Teacups, saucers and tea plates



Number of Guests: 30

Total Spend for the china, cutlery and glassware: £194.00

Cost per guest: £6.46

Wedding Packages start at £5.00 per head


If you would like to receive a non-obligatory quote regarding your event, please do get in contact.


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Oct 22, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I absolutely love the china.

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