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Baby Shower - Celebrating with a Tea Party

With a reference to 'bright and bold' for a baby shower, and not gender specific, I've opted for my newest and 'now' favourite design which meets the criteria in bucket loads. And with 10 guests attending, I have enough teacups, saucers and tea plates to serve up a gorgeous table. Cabbage rose designs is definitely one of my favourite patterns, whether the roses are either inside or outside the teacup!! Luckily for me I bought the two tea sets within seven days of each other and the reason why the teacup shapes are different.

A classic design, and one that evokes nostalgia, this pattern definitely fits the bill and comes with a cake plate (sadly, just one) and a cream and sugar. It would have been lovely to have some more of the side china, but that's vintage for you!!

Cabbage Rose cake plate

Controversially, I've decided not to use the above cake plate, with this pattern there could be a tendency for it to become a little twee, let's make it pop with a complimentary colour, so rather than opting for the cake plate above, I'm opting and going full yellow, with two of these cake plates.

Lemon cake plate

Three tier cake stands are of course why people have a party, who doesn't love a cake stand!!! I've decided to go with the Ditsy Rose design. Reason 1, three tier stands could dominate the table, on this occasion I want the teacup, saucer and tea plate to be the star. Reason 2, this is such a perfect design for a baby shower, it's tiny flowers and leaves are beautifully cute and pretty.

Ditsy Rose 3 tier cake stand
A beautiful Ditsy Rose 3 tier cake stand

And to finish off the table, I'm opting for two Ditsy Rose teapots, pearlised tea knives and silver plated cake forks and teaspoons. All the client has to do is add her decorations and the baby shower is good to go.

As you can see from the clip below, it's a beautiful combination for a lovely baby shower party.

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