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This is such a lovely pattern and suites the name, 'Bridal Rose'.  There are 5 tea plates available for hire.  


If you would like more of this pattern, there are also 5 teacups and saucers, a cake plate, cream jug and a large teapot which will hold 12 cups of tea before it needs to be refilled.  The entire set can be hired for £13.50.

Paragon Bridal Rose Tea Plate

  • You'll be pleased to know that I'd prefer you not to wash-up the china services and china accessories, this is because of the delicate nature of the china and there's more chance of chips, cracks and general damage happening when cleaning. All I ask is that you scrape the plates and then pack them away (within the bubble/packaging) in the storage boxes they were delivered in.

    Please do not put any of the china into a dishwasher.

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