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Tuscan daisy teacup and saucer

Facts and Questions

  • Do I have to pay the delivery and collection charge?
    We give all of our clients the option to collect and return the tea service(s) and accessories themselves, therefore no delivery and collection charge will be incurred. However, if you want the tea service(s) and accessories delivered to your home or a specific location, you will need to pay the relevant delivery and collection charge. To view the charges, go to the Delivery and Collection Fees page in the hire shop.
  • Why do I need to pay a refundable deposit?
    We ask all of our clients who hire from us to pay a refundable deposit due to the nature of the products that we offer. When you hire the tea sets and the accessories there is a possibility of damage or loss. Any items that are damaged or lost need to be replaced, a charge will be taken out of the deposit to cover the cost of replacements. You can view the charges on the Breakages and Loss tab at the bottom of each webpage.
  • How much is the refundable deposit and when do I get it back?
    Thr deposit is £50 for up to 24 persons and £100 for orders of 25 and above. For orders of £200 or more the deposit will be 50% of the total hire charge. After all of the tea sets and accessories have been checked, the deposit, minus any deductions will be refunded with 48 hours.
  • Who is liable for damages and loss for items I've hired.
    If any items get damaged or lost, the responsibility falls on the person hiring to incur the cost. This cost will be reducted from the deposit which is charged separately to the hiring of the tea sets and accessories.
  • What should I do if something gets broken or lost?
    Tell us, when you bring back the services or we collect them.
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  • What ways can I hire a tea service?
    There are four ways to hire: 1. Book a package - this contains all the essentials for a tea party eg cups, saucers, side plates, teapot, tiered cake stands, cake plates, milk jug, sugar bowl, jam/cream bowl, teaspoons, cake fork and knife. The packages are pre-determined. 2. Specify a main colour that you want a service to be. For larger event numbers this will mean the tea services will be mis-matched, although each trio will be the same pattern. 3. Specify a tea service. If your event is between 4 - 10 we can cater for those wanting a specific tea service. Due to the nature of vintage tea services this is near impossible for larger group numbers, but for smaller event numbers it is possible. 4. You can browse the hire shop and select individual tea services that you want to hire.
  • Why do the tea services have different hire costs?
    The hire charge for the tea services is based on what's in that particular tea service,
  • What's a 'manual order'?
    The hire shop was set up for the ease, convenience for clients to browse and select their tea services without having to have email conversations. However, we know that some people would prefer to hire in a traditional manner, this means that you can hire by completing a form and paying by bank transfer. This is what we refer to as a 'manual order'
  • Do I need to order my food through The Vintage Tea Service to hire the china?
    No. You can just hire the vintage china and accessories if that's what you want to do.
  • Can I collect the items I hire from The Vintage Tea Service?
    Yes, if you'd prefer to collect and return everything you have hired.
  • How do I go about hiring a tea service(s) and accessories?
    Here are the steps: 1. Browse the website and look at all the fab packages, tea services and accessories 2. Complete the Enquiry Form and wait for us to get back to you. Once in our events diary, you can shop away!! 3. Decide if you want to collect the tea service(s) and accessories from our base in Frodsham, or if you want it all delivered, go to the Delivery and Collection fee page and select the correct fee. 4. On the Delivery and Collection fee page is the Security Deposit, choose the fee applicable to your event. 5. Complete your checkout. All done!!
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    There a number of ways to pay when you hire from The Vintage Tea Service. 1. Debit/Credit card 2. PayPal 3. Bank Transfer - this can only be used for manual orders and also the damage & loss deposit.
  • If I order my tea service(s) and accessories by a manual order, how do I pay for them?"
    If you hire using a 'manual order' you can either pay through bank transfer or an invoice can be sent to you using PayPal.
  • I have to cancel my event, will I get my money back?"
    You can cancel your order anytime, but you payment will be non-refundable if the event is cancelled less than 30 days before you event goes ahead. Cancellations must be made by email.
  • I'm getting married, how do I go about hiring tableware for the wedding?"
    Congratulations!!! You can do one of two things: 1. Fill in the enquiry form or 2. Email me at We'll then have an initial conversation to discuss your wedding, possible themes and arrangements. If you think The Vintage Tea Service is the hire company for you, we'll then meet, look at different colours, services, accessories. Once you have made your decision everything can be booked into the calendar for your wedding date.

Hiring vintage china really adds something very special to an event, not only is it totally bespoke, it also provides colour and interest to the event that you're hosting or considering.  You may have questions that you want to ask, below are the standard questions that clients/potential clients often ask.  If you can't find the question you want to ask, just get in contact with me at:

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