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Trade Hire

Shelley Stack

Hiring from The Vintage Tea Service

 Vintage china is perfect for situation setting, adding emphasis to products or to just add a bespoke look,  adding elegance, sophistication and will grab people’s attention.  If you want to take advantage of the using vintage china, you don't need to go and buy, you can hire from The Vintage Tea Service, requesting as much as you need and for how long you need the china and/or accessories for. Each hire will be priced competitively and bespoke to each client.

If you are a baker, vintage china is perfect for creating promotional images both for clients and social media, displaying cakes, desserts or using for props during photo shoots.

 For TV and movies vintage china is great for period dramas, films to bring relevance and authenticity to scenes.

Journalist's, vintage china is also perfect for magazine articles and PR and marketing activities.

Event and Wedding Planners

I have a large range of teacups, saucers, tea plates available to, also all the other complements for weddings and events.

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