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Reasons to Choose

Beautiful vintage tableware hire for weddings and events

Your event is as unique as you, there are never two events the same, this is the premise that I work on and at the very centre of the decision making is you.  I may provide vintage china and accessories, but I work like an event planner, making sure you get the very best service, so that your guests will be wowed by the china and catering provided.  The other benefit of using the services of The Vintage Tea Service is that it has recommended in-house suppliers that will create and provide key elements for your party.

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Getting Everything just so

  • Being just ok isn't good enough for me or The Vintage Tea Service.  Everything is about providing the very best of everything, whether that's the china and accessories, the service I provide to each potential client and clients, to sourcing the best caterer and graphic designer.

  • With this in mind every decision is carefully made, communication with clients is quick, transparent and clear.

  • I'm always looking at how to improve The Vintage Service, it's processes, this website and what I offer


Everything about The Vintage Tea Service is about  being perfect in everyway.

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The China

At the very heart of The Vintage Tea Service is quality and at the foundation of this is the choice of china.  Everybody has different tastes and different occasions require different designs, so providing a variety of designs, colours and patterns is really important to get the look you want for your event.​

I have years of experience within the 'china' market and I have the contacts to source some of the prettiest and most exclusive china.  If you have a request and don't currently hold it, I will always do my best to source that design, that colour.

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Providing Choice

It's not only about choice of china, it's about providing a choice of how you hire your china.  You can choose from having a totally bespoke service, where I'll put your china together, after finding out what your requirements are. If you'd rather go for a package, where you can see exactly what you'll get. 


Regardless of the service you want, you'll receive my Suggested China document, in full colour showing all the china, crystal and vintage glass dishes you'll receive.  If you want to make changes, just let me know and it'll be arrangged.


The Vintage Tea Service has teamed up with Wild Flour, a wonderful eatery, providing homemade food with locally sourced ingredients to create your party food, whether for a wedding or other type of special occasion.

You can enjoy dainty finger sandwiches, savouries, clotted cream, jam and scones and devour gorgeous cakes.

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Table Place Name Designing

The wonderful in-house designer Felicity of Felicity Designs has created a large range of stunning table place names for your weddings and events.

Again choice is at the centre of what's available, so your event is as bespoke as possible

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