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Gold fillee

Damage and Breakages

We understand that you will be looking after our fine vintage china and accessories, as will your guests, but accidents and losses can happen.  We rarely have these issues but when we do , we don't make a fuss, we simply ask that you inform us of any breakages or missing items at the point of our collection or drop off and a small but appropriate charge will be asked for , this will be relative to the cost of replacement items or items.

Enjoy your event and trust your guests... we do.

Tea cup                                      £3.00

Saucer                                       £3.00

Tea Plate                                   £3.00

8" Plate                                     £9.00

Sugar Bowl                               £3.00

Milk/Cream jug                       £3.00

Standard Teapot                     £35.00

Large Teapot                           £40.00

2 Tier Cake Stand                  £25.00

3 Tier Cake Stand                  £30.00

Cake Plate                              £4.00

Ceramic Pedestal Stand      £10.00

Glass Pedestal Stand            £15.00

Knives                                      £2.00

Standard Cake Fork             £2.00

Ornate Cake Fork                £4.00

Teaspoon                                £2.00

Serving Spoon                       £2.00

Due to the nature of some of the china, some has more value than others.  The following items have a separate breakage/replacement cost:

Lady Carlyle (pink) tea cup, saucer and tea plate - £20.00

NB:  if any part of this trio is damaged/lost the full cost of replacement needs to be covered.

Gold vine leaf tea cup and saucer - £15.00

Gainsborough Queen Anne tea cup and saucer - £5.00

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