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Funeral Receptions

Celebrating the life of a dear family member or friend is so important, it's also a time as we all know that needs to have a lot of different elements organised, which is why I have created this celebration of life package, comprising of a teacup, saucer, tea plate and teaspoon for each of your guests, along with cake plates and three tier cake to create your finger buffet table.  And of course you'll need to have teapots and accessories like milk jugs and sugar bowls.

If you need a caterer, I can put you in contact with the Wild Flour Food Co, who I have partnered up with to provide catering.

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The Service


Sarah was incredibly kind and patient and worked with us to create a lovely afternoon tea style buffet for my mums funeral.


She has such a lovely variety of crockery and extras to choose from too.



July 2023


In terms of what you will need to have to cater for your guests, I would suggest sandwich plates to serve the savoury items and a number of 3 tier cake stands for cakes and pastries.  Depending on your numbers , if you're having sandwich plates to serve savoury items and sandwiches you would need one 3 tier cake stand for every ten guests.  With regards to teapots,for every 6 guests a teapot would be needed, one to eight if alcohol is being served. 

Hiring Costs

Teacup, saucer, tea plate and teaspoon -  £1.65

Sandwich Plates -                                £1.50

3 Tier Stands -                                    £4.00

Teapots -                                           £4.00

Cream Jug -                                       £0.50

Sugar Bowl -                                      £0.50

I can also provide cake forks - £0.20 each and starter size knives - £0.20 each.

I also provide a 'Set-up' and 'Pack-up' Service. Please ask for details

If you would like to choose the china for the celebration of life reception that would be lovely, however if you just want to suggest some colours or colour that's absolutely fine too, I then come up with a selection for you.

If you wish to have your own configuration of china please get in contact and I will provide you with a personal quote.

The Vintage Tea Service has patterned up with The Wild Flour Food Co to provide catering.  Please do get in contact if you would like to have your catering provided by The Wild Flour Food Co.

I offer a delivery and collection service and I'll do the washing up.

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