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Blue Baby shower
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Tea for a Baby Boy

Vintage china is such a wonderful way to help celebrate those wonderful occasions in life and what better occasion than a baby girl.  Whether you're planning a baby reveal, shower, Christening or naming ceremony this package could be for you.  I've been through The Collection of china and selected what I think would be absolutely perfect for an event to do with a baby boy. 

Even though I have selected the china for this package, you still get to select from the range, and the amounts you want from each.  I really hope you like the china that I've selected for a baby girl.

A package isn't for everyone, if would prefer to choose your own china and amounts for your event, please do get in contact and I'll provide you with a bespoke quote. If you click on the 'teacup' link, you'll be able to browse the current range of teacup patterns and colours available.

There is also a catering option for you, if you would like to book that through The Vintage Tea Service.  Click here to view the Afternoon Tea Menus.  Alternatively, if you don't wish to have the full afternoon tea, please get in contact to discuss what catering you require.

If you don't want to hire all that has been listed below, please do get in contact with me and I'll provide a bespoke quote for you.  You still get to choose the china.

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Creating your Baby Event

Beautiful shades of blue bring together what I think would look absolutely fantastic on a tea party table for your baby boy.  Gorgeous baby blues in this selection, bringing together some fantastic blues to make your buffet table or guest tables look absolutely fantastic.  To help guide what you'll get with this 'baby boy' package, I've provided an example for 12 guests

This package includes:

12 x Teacups, Saucers and Plates

3 x Tea Pots

3 x Milk Jugs

2 x Sugar Bowls

3 x Jam Bowls (vintage glass or crystal)

3 x Clotted Cream Bowls (vintage glass or crystal)

2 x Sandwich Plates

3 x Three Tier Cake Stands (pink based colours)

12 x Teaspoons

12 x Pastry Forks

12 x Tea Knives

If you have 4 or 8 guests work on the basis of 1 3 tier cake and teapot and half the cake plates for every 4 guests 

To add that extra special touch you may wish to add the following to your package:

 Champagne saucers or flutes, so your guests can toast you and your baby with some fizz

  vintage glass vases

white napkins

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Choosing Your China

One of the benefits of using a package is that it really narrows down choices and really allows you to focus on how to get the very best design for your baby event.

For the teacups, saucers and tea plates, I have selected 4 designs in lighter shades of blue for you to choose from, each is beautiful in its own right.  Each of these teacups and saucers has its tea plate and then I've selected two cake/sandwich plates. the first matches with one of the teacup patterns, the other is the perfect soft blue for this baby boy package.


With the 3 tier cake stands, I've selected the Royal Albert 'Memory Lane' and 'Tranquility' designs, both soft and won't dominate the teacups, saucers and tea plates.


The teapots are Royal Albert Memory Lane and two iridescent designs. 


You can mix and match between the tea sets.  If you click on the picture you can enlarge the images and this will also give you details on the amount of china in that patternOnce you have selected the teacups and saucers (with tea plate), teapot(s) and 3 tier cake stand(s), I'll then select the cream jug(s) and sugar bowls.  If you intend to serve scones, clotted cream and jam, I'll select the crystal or vintage glass dishes.

And finally, I've added in a FREE from Hire charge 8" plate, layering adds a lovely touch to a party table, I've decided on the Royal Albert Tranquility pattern.

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3 Tier Stands & Teapots

Below are the teapots and the three tier stands that come with this package.