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Long or Round - 5 Vintage China Packages to Consider for Your Afternoon Tea Wedding Breakfast

You love the elegance, the sophistication and colour that only vintage china can bring to the heart of your wedding breakfast, but where to start?!!

The first thing you need to consider, is 'long' or 'round', once you've decided on the table shape, the only other decision is, how many guests do you want sharing the indomitable 3 tier cake stand. Once you've answered these two questions everything is about the china.

Table setting for a vintage china wedding reception
Beautiful Royal Doulton with Royal Albert vintage china

Planning the wedding breakfast with vintage china can seem daunting, knowing how much you'll need of everything, will there be too much, too little. That's why The Vintage Tea Service has 5 wedding breakfast packages to guide and help you set-up the tables. Everything has already been planned out, all you need to do is fit the package to your reception.

Package 1: The Silk Package

This package is aimed at the round table with three 3 tier cake stands at the centre of the table, giving every guest accessibility to the sandwiches, savouries, scones and cakes.

Couples do panic and concerned that guests won't have enough food, so in addition to the three tier cake stands, there are also three sandwich/cake plates as part of this package to make sure enough food is on the table.

What else is on the table? Every guest of course gets a teacup, saucer and tea plate. On a table of ten there will also be three teapots, three cream jugs, two sugar bowls and of course the crystal or vintage glass dishes for the clotted cream and jam.

Package 2 - The Silk Plus Package

Like the Silk Package, this one is aimed at round tables. The only difference is every two guests share a three tier cake stand and with this setup, there are no cake plates needed. All the other items on the table are the same. Just check with the venue or the table supplier that the round tables are 6ft, any smaller, and it could be a squeeze once the rest of the china, wine glasses and bottles are on there.

Royal Albert Old Country Roses
Beautiful china for a wedding reception

Package 3 - The Coral Package

Created and designed for long tables, this first Coral package has four guests sharing a 3 tier cake stand and teapot. In addition a sandwich/cake plate is available as part of this package. Guests of course have their teacup, saucer and tea, along with their cutlery (cake fork, starter sized knife or tea knife and a teaspoon).

Package 4 - The Coral Plus Package

This package like The Coral Plus has two guests sharing the 3 tier cake stand. This configuration still has four guests sharing a teapot, cream jug and sugar bowl. In addition four guests share the clotted cream and jam dishes, don't worry they're big enough for four guests!!

Bride sitting at a wedding table with vintage china
Soft pinks and creams for a wedding reception

Package 5 - The Crystal Package

This package is for a buffet, with the china being calculated by the number of guests.

Creating a Tailored/Bespoke China Package

You may of course which to create your very own tailored package, which is wonderful. All you need to do is get in contact and we can start discussing everything you want for your wedding breakfast tables.

wedding table with vintage china
Soft blue - perfect for a wedding reception

Above are all the packages, set or tailored, as a couple you still choose the china you want or you can provide me with a brief.

The Top Table Package

Recently an additional package has been put together, the purpose to add a little more glamour and beauty to the top table.

Included in the packages are the following:

  • A Royal Doulton Richelieu dinner plate (used as a charger plate)

  • An 8" plate for layering and can be used for sandwiches and savouries

  • Teacup, saucer and tea plate

  • Champagne saucer or flute

  • Dedicated top table cutlery

  • A napkin for each guest

All eight guests at the top table can have this package or you can just have what you want, even just both of you.

Those Additional Extras

You may of course wish to add in some additional extras into your chosen package. These come in the form of additional china, napkins, glassware, vases, set-up and pack-up services. These can all be found on the China Reception Packages page on the website.


The Rule of Thumb

  1. Try not to 'stretch out' the china on your tables. Every teapot should serve no more than four guests. If you have a large Royal Albert teapot, this can be stretched to five guests.

  2. People worry about how much food you can get on to a 3 tier cake stand, the rule of thumb here is, no more than 4 guests, if you do, it's advisable to have cake plates too. When you book with The Vintage Tea Service, the 3 tier cake stands all have a base of a dinner plate size, with the middle plate size of 8" and the top tier tea plate size. This sizing is perfect for up to four guests. However, some caterers will prefer to only have two guests to a cake stand, so check before the food is ordered.

Top Tips

1. If you book with another vintage china

hire business check the sizes of their 3

tier stand plates, they could well be

smaller than those provided by The

Vintage Tea Service.

2. Check with the venue on the size, width, diameter of the round or long tables to

make sure your choice of package will


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