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Design,  Styling & Set-Up

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Design and Styling

Trying to get the feel and look that you want is really important to me, it's such a big task thinking about the china that you want to have at your wedding reception, particularly if you don't have concrete ideas on what you want, this is totally understandable. We'll discuss your ideas, possible colour palettes and start to plan by looking at the different china that's available and work towards your ultimate vision for your reception.


 There are currently 164 different teacup designs (October 2022) to choose from, as well as a range of stunning teapots, 3 tier cake stands and 8" plates available to add to the overall experience of having a vintage afternoon tea wedding reception.  All of this is enhanced further by beautiful silver-plate cutlery or tea knives

Whatever the size of your budget, our initial meeting will give us the opportunity to discuss your ideas, to view some of the china and get a feel for the quality of it.  Once the planning is over you’ll receive a comprehensive  plan of your china, which will be broken down to each table.


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And finally, it’s time to set up for your wedding, where possible this will be done either a couple of days or the day before, this gives everybody the opportunity to make sure everything is perfect and just so.  You can then view the overall look and make any final alterations if needed.

To make the set-up as seamless as possible, I have two set-up services available:

Option A:  Styling China for You/Venue to Self Set-Up

You've chosen your colour palette and seen china that you love, use my expertise to put your place-settings together, I'll then plan each table for you, including the teapots, cake stands and other accessories.  With my labelling system you or your event organiser can unpack everything at your venue and self-assemble each table.

Option B:  Styling and Set-Up Prior to and at the Event

All the above will happen, however I will then go to the wedding venue and set-up all the china and accessories for you, making sure that everything looks absolutely beautiful, ready for your to view and then on your wedding day for your guests to be wowed and enjoy whilst celebrating your wedding.

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Bespoke Table Place Cards

The finishing touch to your reception tables will be a beautiful range of bespoke table name place cards, not only will they look stunning on your guests tables and places, but they will create a lasting memory for years to come.  The collection allows you to choose the type of card, the colour of the card, making it truly bespoke to your wedding reception.