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All You Ever Wanted to Know about Vintage China Hire for Your Afternoon Tea Party

It's fascinating to learn that people just don't realise that you can hire vintage china for weddings and events and when they discover they can, the first questions are, how does it work? How much does it cost? What do I get?

Let's start first by answering these questions. What do I get? This solely depends on the way that you hire. Every client has different requirements when it comes to vintage china hire for your afternoon tea party. You have the option of picking a package, the amounts of each item needed are pre-set, with a set price.

Prepared China Packages

Each one of these packages has four guests sharing a 3 tier stand to share. Here's what you'd get for four people sharing: 4 vintages teacups, saucers and tea plates; a 3 tier cake stand; a cake plate; a teapot; a cream jug; sugar bowl (with tongs); a clotted cream dish (with spoon); a jam dish (with spoon) and of course the cutlery for each of your guests, a cake fork, a choice of tea knife or silver plated knife and a teaspoon. This package for 4 guests is £20.00. Why not take a look at the packages, which range in size from 4 to 50 guests.

Go Bespoke with Your China Package

If you feel you want to be more bespoke, I'll get some information from you about your guest numbers and then I'll put a quote together for you. More recently I had one client who specified exactly what items she wanted, we booked it. Another client had her own tea set, she contacted me to see if I just hire out specific items, she needed cake stands and cake forks, which I provided for her.

The China and Catering Packages

The other option available for you is to have one of the china and catering packages. Below is a collage of a recent afternoon tea for a retirement party. It was a lovely set up, with the client booking 'The Indulgent Afternoon Tea package. This package includes a choice of up to 4 finger sandwiches, cheese palmiers, sausage rolls, quiche, scones (a choice of plain or fruit), clotted cream and jam, along with a selection of up to 3 cakes, tea and coffee. As part of the package the china is included, this client's guests had a teacup, saucer and tea plate, plus an 8" plate (for savoury items), a cake fork (silver plate), a knife (silver plate or tea knife) and a teaspoon (silver plate) for each guest; every two guests shared a 3 tier cake stand and cake plate; for every 3 tier cake stand there is a clotted cream and jam dish, both with serving spoons. In addition, every four guests share a tea/coffee pot (tea and coffee provided), both of these are accompanied by a milk jug (milk provided) and a sugar bowl (cubes provided along with tongs).

All of the catering is provided by The Wild Flour Food Co, we both work closely together to provide a seamless service and delivery.

pictures showing afternoon tea
The Indulgent Afternoon Tea Package

In addition to all of the above the client also booked Champagne flutes, vases and napkins to round off the look for the 12 guests she had attending. Added to everything discussed so far, you'll get delivery, collection as part of the price per guest, along with the set-up and also the washing up done for you. All you have to do is pack everything up for collection!! Everything that is provided in both catering and china is quality of product and quality of service. I think this is evident through the images shown above, quality if incredibly important and is the focus and the central part of everything.

"We have just enjoyed an absolutely fantastic afternoon tea provided by The Vintage Tea Service and Wild Flour Food Co.
The china, food and service were brilliant and we would definitely use them again and recommend them without hesitation."

Kathryn - Cheshire

February 2023

Another client recently booked the china and catering package, "An English Afternoon Tea", you get everything discussed above, just not the 8" plate per guest, the savoury items (quiche and palmiers), you do however get a choice of 4 cakes, not 3 as the Indulgent provides. What's the cost of a china and catering package? If you decide to have The English Afternoon Tea, the package cost is £24.50 per person, The Indulgent Afternoon Tea package cost is £27.50 per person.

I really hope this article helps to answer some of your questions about vintage china hire and afternoon tea packages. Please do get in contact with me if you have any questions or if you want a quote.

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13 de mai. de 2023

A great article, l absolutely love your china.

11 de jun. de 2023
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Thank you so much for taking the trouble firstly to read this article, but also for making a comment, it's really appreciated. Thank you too for your comment about the china I provide, I try very hard to find the prettiest and best quality that I can. Sarah x

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