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Soft Pinks - Perfect for a Knutsford Month of May Wedding

The days of May excite me like no other month, generally regarded as the entrance into summer; generally warm, heady and gorgeous, making it a perfect month for a wedding. Choosing a colour theme to match the month of May and the venue is one of my favourite things to do.

My clients are getting married at The Hidden Barn at 94, a beautiful wedding venue in Knutsford, Cheshire. With exposed beams, the warm red tones of exposed brick and golden oak floors make for the perfect venue for a wedding, add in beautiful vintage china and the scene is set for the perfect wedding.

The Hidden Barn at 94
wedding venue Hidden Barn at 94
Beautiful soft tones create a perfect canvas
Refectory tables set up for a wedding
Soft pink will look amazing at this venue.

The Brief

And my clients have chosen the best colour - soft pink!! With such a rustic interior, with refectory style wooden tables, soft pinks will look beautiful.

The clients have opted for teacups, saucers and tea plates, along with an 8" plate. Every two guests are sharing a 3 tier cake stand and every four guests sharing a teapot, cream jug and sugar bowl.

Each 3 tier cake stand has an accompanying clotted cream and jam dish, both come with a serving spoon included. The sugar bowl has a set of sugar tongs.

Vintage China

The Teacups, Saucers and Tea Plates

Beautiful soft pinks combined make a wonderful combination for this wedding.

3 Tier Cake Stands

To keep the theme fresh the 3 tier cake stands will be white with ditsy pink roses with a hint of green.

This gorgeous, gentle 'ditsy rose ' three tier cake stand design has become an absolute favourite not only with couples, but for all sorts of events. The pattern is so versatile, working well with so many of the teacup designs, whether harlequin or patterned. The main reason why it's selected so often, typifies what we all want from a tea party - nostalgia.

Along with the 3 tier cake stands come the cut crystal or vintage glass jam and clotted cream dishes. Both come with a serving spoon.

Sample of serving spoons for the clotted cream and jam


One of the best ways to add depth to tablescape is to add an 8" plate for layering. The prettiest way is to stack all the china on top of each other. The result looks sensational. And thinking practically the plate can then be used for savoury items of food, leaving the tea plate for the scones and cakes. These designs have been used.


Cream Jugs and Sugar Bowls

The Basic Set-up

The first level of the set-up looks amazing, even without the 3 tier cake stands, teapots and the rest of the china and decorations on the tables. The beautiful sage green, the oak brown of the refectory tables and the beams, combined with the beautiful pink china looks incredible together.

Once these 3 tier cake stands have been filled with gorgeous sandwiches, scones and cakes the tables will really come to life and will make a perfect wedding breakfast.

Vintage china has an incredible ability to add so much beauty to an event. And rather than being 'an after thought', should be the first thing you think about when planning your event or wedding.


Contact Details

Socials: @thevintageteaservice

China Details

Tuscan soft pink teacups, saucers and tea plates (six available for hire)

Colclough soft pink and white teacups, saucers and tea plates (6 available for hire)

Minton baby pink teacups, saucers and tea plates (6 available for hire)

Queen Anne soft pink teacups, saucers and tea plates.

Royal Albert Tranquility 8" plate

Royal Albert Country Garden 8" plate

Paragon Victoriana 8" plate

Ditsy Rose 3 tier cake stands

Ditsy Rose teapot x 2 (white)

Royal Albert Val D'Or teapots (white)

Wedgwood Williamsburg teapots (two)

Queen Charlotte pink rose teapot

Ditsy Rose style teapot


The Hidden Barn at 94, 94 King Street, Knutsford, Cheshire

Venue images: courtesy of The Hidden Barn at 94. Copyright belongs to The Hidden Barn at 94.

Other Images (including the venue)

The Vintage Tea Service

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