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Tea Cups, Saucers
& Tea Plates

The Vintage Tea Service supplies beautiful vintage teacups, saucers and tea plates and with a level of quality you won't find at any other supplier in the North West of England.  There's currently a range of over 200 different teacup styles for you to choose from, so it's now time to get searching for your cups and saucers, remember you get to hire as much or as little as you need from each teacup and saucer range.  You may wonder, where's the tea plates, I do these separately because some clients really want to mix this up.  If you're getting me to put together your china, I'll let you know if the teacup and saucer doesn't have a matching tea plate, however 99% of them do!!


Have you completed your enquiry form?  I just want to make sure you get into the diary before you start the fun part -   planning, choosing and hiring.  To view the details of each of the teacups, just double click on it.

Coffee Cups and Saucers

Coffee Cups
Tea Plates

Tea Plates (side)

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