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When I buy English bone china I always try to find the prettiest patterns and colours.  This tea set pattern is without doubt for me personally the best in the whole Vintage Tea Service collection, there is no doubt about that.  The images do not do it justice because it is the most stunning soft baby pink with just gorgeous filigree gold on the cup and thick gold on the handle and foot of the cup.  Adding to all of this, this teacup and saucer is produced by Tuscan, a renowned maker of beautiful English bone china tea sets.


There are 6 teacups, saucers available for hire and if you want more of this stunning pattern and colour there are also teacups, saucers, along with a cake plate, cream jug and sugar bowl.  It's perfect for any occasion, but would look spectacular as part of a baby shower, birthday or general tea party.


If you'd like to hire this tea set or individual parts of it, but feel there's not enough, I have similar sets in yellow and green, here are the links for you to view:


Yellow   (there is no cake plate with this set)   (there are 5 tea plates in this set.  There is no cream jug, sugar bowl or cake plate)



Tuscan Baby Pink and Filigree Gold Tea Plate


You'll be pleased to know that I'd prefer you not to wash-up the china services and china accessories, this is because of the delicate nature of the china and there's more chance of chips, cracks and general damage happening when cleaning. All I ask is that you scrape the plates and then pack them away (within the bubble/packaging) in the storage boxes they were delivered in.

Please do not put any of the china into a dishwasher.

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